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Libertarian Judaism:

Bringing libertarianism to Judaism
and Judaism to libertarianism

This movement strives to bring libertarianism to Judaism and Judaism to libertarianism. Libertarianism requires a fundamentally moral populace, and personally held religious values fulfill that requirement perfectly. Judaism requires a government that is strongly limited, and we will never be fully religiously free or safe under constantly expanding state power.


We seek especially to provide an alternative to Progressivism for the American Jewish community. The Progressive views held by many Jews today are remnants of communism and a distinctly European way of thinking. We have no reason to focus on assimilating to a continent we have left and that has increasingly made Jewish life impossible. It's important to realize that we are now in the United States, a country genuinely rooted in freedom, where there has never been a ban on kosher slaughter or circumcision.

This freedom requires constant work and vigilance. We must acknowledge that both sides of the political spectrum would make certain aspects of Jewish life impossible. Given that we quite obviously fare poorly under authoritarianism, our only alternative is libertarianism, and we should be thrilled with this. Maximizing human freedom is an inherent virtue, and this goal fits Jewish tradition far better than socialism or conservatism. Striving for maximal freedom for all American citizens is the only way to assure Jews too will have a future in this country.

If you agree, consider supporting us.

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